Maps Page on Morocco


  1. Physical Environment

o    Physical Map

o    Political and Administrative

o    Elevation and Element Map

  1. Weather & Climate

o    Current Surface Temperatures

o    Average Land Rainfall

o    Climate Types of Morocco

  1. Human Environment

o    Population Density

o    Natural Resources

o    Percentage of Poverty

  1. Road maps

o    Morocco Highway Map

o    Morocco Overland Route

o    Morocco Road Map

5.      City Maps

o    City of Casablanca

o    City of Agadir

o    City of Marrakesh

  1. Urban Transportation Maps

o    Casablanca Train Map

o    Major Cities Train Stops

o    High Speed Rail Line

  1. Tourist Maps

o    Casablanca Tourist Map

o    Marrakesh tourist map

o    Agadir tourist map

1 Physical Environment

Physical Map

Physical map of Morocco shows elevations, mountain ranges, plateaus, rivers, plains and other topographic features.

Division and Administrative

Physical map listing National capital, provinces, town villages, airports, international and province boundaries, and roads/trails.

 Elevation and Element Map

Physical features of elevation, mineral sites, salt lakes, sand and intermittent areas.  

2 Weather & Climate

Current Surface Temperature

Current surface temperatures


Average Annual Temperatures


Direct normal irradiation

Average Land Rainfall



Average annual rainfall. The dotted line indicates the middle atlas boundaries

3 Human Environment

Population Density

Population density by province

 Natural Resources

Map of natural and land resources

 Percentage of Poverty


Population living under the poverty line

4 Road Maps

Morocco Highway Map

Detailed adventure map with landmarks, roads, highway and legend identifies locations

Overland Routes

Morocco overland routes

 Morocco Road Map

Detailed road map including the Canary Islands in lower legend

5 City Maps

City of Casablanca

City map of Casablanca and identifies all roads and major landmarks

City of Agadir

City of Agadir and includes main roads and locations of interest

City of Marrakesh

Marrakesh city map that includes locations of interest

6 Urban Transportation

Casablanca Rail Map

Casablanca Tram stops map

Major Cities Train Stop

Rail map major cities for Marrakech, Fes, Rabat, Oujda and Tangiers

High Speed Rail Line

Map showing the stops for the Morocco high speed rail

7 Tourist Sites

Casablanca Tourist Map

Casablanca interactive tourist map, link embedded

Marrakesh Tourist Map

Marrakech tourist map including restaurants, cafés, bars, clubs and accommodations

Agadir Tourist Map 

Agadir tourist and informational map including lodging



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